Keep The Subject Simple for your video – Basic tips

Keep The Subject Simple for your video

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • How to ‘boil down’ your message to the minimum size.
  • How to drive people to view even your more educational videos.

Make It Short.

  • Reduce scenes to the minimum necessary

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  • Reduce cast to limit ‘Takes’

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  • Shoot in as few ‘takes’ as possible Census values can help in determining the stability7 and income levels in the Low to Use “test showings” to ensure your message is getting across.

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  • Use speed credits, if credits are needed

Checking the real estate values, number of houses listed for sale, and other factors can

  • Consider serializing video If the resultant video is still over-long, consider serializing the shots, to make multiple videos in a series. Doing so, if properly annotated and linked, can make a longer-form video more palatable, and easier to digest by viewers.

Make it different or unique

There is no set means by which to differentiate one topic from another, or to guarantee what you create for your video will automatically appeal to any given demographic, let alone be the specific one you were targeting. Instead, consider these tips to make your video far more likely to be appreciated, than disdained.

Ways to make your video content compelling.

  • Look at the topic in a fresh way

IF the concept of your video sounds boring to you, or to your test audience, it probably will be. Spitball some wacky or at least off-kilter alternatives, and when you come across the right approach, you and the would-be audience will both feel it. Humor is not hard, if you don’t try to force it.

Lightness of the topic helps, so consider increasing the levity’ of your premise if nothing else has started working.

  • Show the topic from a different point of view

You know your topic from the side of the writer. Consider the same from the standpoint of the consumer. The actor in the video. The bystander. Maybe even the microphone or the camera. The point is, often what works to convey a message is something beyond the obvious.

  • Take certain assumptions to the logical extreme

What if the stamp on the letter had to get bigger when it got more expensive? What if inflation of tires had to match financial inflation? Any pertinent, but ridiculous comparison can create fun, interesting, and even poignant conditions that will help to drive your video’s point home.

  • Replace one or more players with an animal or inanimate object

If the guy in front of you in traffic really was a turtle, what would that do for your day? Sometimes, the other guy in the line in front of you really IS a rock. By creating clever video conditions like this, you can make a challenging subject a little easier to understand, or a rougher situation more palatable. Just be open to the options.

  • One Word: ANachronism

If you were selling your concept to a Balinese dancer, what would that do for your sales? What if it were a Russian Cossack, or Attila the Hun. IN all of these cases, it is the situation that makes for humor or at least increased interest in the information.

Give it a Gripping and Interest-Driving Title

We haven’t shot a single scene of the video, but we need to begin to put together the concept for presenting and promoting the clip well in advance. By choosing keyword-driven titles, or current-affairs drivers in the first place, we can build and maintain a longevity to the video, beyond just its dry and subject-driven basis.

Tips to Create the Perfect Title

  •  Ask or answer a question People are puzzle-solvers and solutions-hunters. If you create a question in the viewer’s mind, and then either answer it or challenge them to, you will get them to follow the link, if to do nothing but validate their beliefs. The greater the challenge, sometimes, the greater the response. The title, in essence, becomes a call to action.
  • Don’t be afraid of subtitles:  Whether you extend the actual title to include it, or just use the video description space, the keywords are still a function of the search for the video,
  • Use core keywords when possible: In cases where the links are not attractive, consider to make the title one that can include your keyword, even when the title of the video does not.
  • Deliver on your title Whatever your content, make sure the \ideo delivers what you say in the title, because your credibility will impact how many of your videos a given viewer will look at. If you fail to deliver, you shoot yourself in the foot for future projects with promoted.
  • Be controversial or challenging The great tiling about controversy is that the viewer will appreciate either side of the issue, so long as again thee title matches the video content.
  • Check on originality
    There is nothing wrong with having a title someone else shares, except it makes your video that much harder to locate and differentiate. So do a little due diligence, and look for a unique way to say the same thing, if necessary. Being original can be a good thing, especially if your content helps to define the particular issue overall.

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