Choosing and targeting audience for your film

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • How to identify and target your marketplace effectively
  • Establish a basis for not just one video, but a whole library.

Choose your Trigger or Triggers

Depending on whom you are reaching out to, the kind of things that interest or appeal to them will vary considerably. When deciding what kind of video you want to create, you do want to take into account precisely whom you are hoping to attract. For instance, if you are promoting a clarifying ointment for skin wrinkles, it would be doing your product a disservice to draw viewers from a teen or early-twenties audience, or if you are promoting a hip-hop album, you wouldn’t necessarily want a large portion of your audience to be middle-aged cattle ranchers. Even so, here is a short list of possible video triggers, and potential audiences they may attract. Of course, your mileage may vary; there are some wacky videos that defy the normal rules, of course.

Random (non sequitur)

These videos tend to do something extraordinary, but that are not able to be clearly associated with other topics. Great for younger audiences, or for general audiences that usually are so niche as to be untenable as a demographic on its own.


The ‘Jump out of your skin” kind of videos, great for young women who seem to really get a charge out of the effect, and people who study such, because it gives them new grist for the mill. Usually also good for one-offs. If all your videos follow this mode, you won’t have a very deep following.

  • Sexy

Best for the singles crowd, and generally
should be created in tandem; some are drawn by female lead, some by male, so making duplicates offer you the chance to get both marketplaces. Certainly more optimal for products that are not targeted to families or youngsters.

  • Comical

Although laughs would seem like a logical form for just about every product and situation, there are a great many variables, from the focus of the humor, to the kind and type to be uses, as well as the resolution and ambiance of the result. Use with caution. And a rubber chicken.

  • Shocking

Similar to the surprising category above, keeping your video within the narrow band of tastefulness and visceral response is a big and wide-ranging conditional mine field. Many of these are special-effects or otherwise manipulated video. Use with a mind to restriction, so as to not sully your site’s credibility overall. As my grandfather would say, make the effect so outrageous no one will believe it… that way no one will have reason to question your overall credibility’.

  • Spectacular

One of the particular areas wherein the video quality can, and will, play a big part of the impact, A spectacular video, with all the bells and whistles meant to draw the viewer into the stoiy, will certainly be better received if it is made with a higher quality presentation than otherwise.

Establishing a Theme.

When you are beginning the video aspect of your operation, you can try a lot of different things, different themes, and different types of videos. Not only is that natural and acceptable behavior, it gives you a wider balance base for your ongoing video creation. Nonetheless, over time, you will develop or discover that you have a particular penchant or talent for a particular type or category of videos. Doing so, you will even find your video catalog becoming more useful over time to bring in and keep your audience occupied.

Here are some Types of Video Themes you may want to consider.

  • Explainer/Trainer Video Your product or service, explained for the uninitiated in a humorous or enthusiastic way.
  • Webinar – Seminar Briefings and information in bite-size pieces for everyone to learn a little o Project or Product Reviews Identify and associate your goods or sendees in the realm of the consumer. Generally positive and upbeat, not critical, o
  • Video PSAs or Analyst Reports Support your overall industry categorically, for industry identity and a positive external company and product image.
  • Corporate Culture or INvitation Video Bring new clients in, and make ongoing customers feel at home with your company and product.
  • TESTIMONIALS OR FBI’s Allow your good customers and new clients to help you reach out to still more clients and potential customers through their experiences
  • Animations
    Particularly if the images and humor support your brand, your corporate identity, and your collective corporate image, these can become iconic.
  • Man on the street interviews Used in association with testimonials and informational pieces, these can amplify the effectiveness of your other efforts if done professionally, and without self-deprecating or industry-effacing humor or deportment.
  • Challenge Videos
    In keeping with your overall message, these call-to-action videos can amplify your effectiveness and brand your operation as a solid support for your industry.
  • Parodies or Parallels
    Improve your visibility by taking advantage of what is working for others. If you want particularly effective parody, trigger these on your own successes, to create a montage of the success for others to emulate.
  • Mockumentaries
    These are a great way to get your message out with humor and wit. With an eye toward the duality of actual information with a humorous bent, these can be particularly effective in conveying large chunks of normally snooze-worthy information.
  • State of the Marketplace Updates The purpose of a message like this is to get out the details for your supporters, and to create enthusiasm for your business. If the data is particularly bleak, consider the Mockumentary angle, to put a more enjoyable feel to the data, rather than simply reporting the facts.

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