Basic guide to create a viral film

It seems these days, everyone is familiar with the concept of a ‘Viral Video’. The common thinking is that if you are at the right place, at the right time with a cell phone camera or Video camera, all you need to is capture the images, slap them onto YouTube, and if you are lucky, you get a video out there that goes viral, and suddenly you are a millionaire.

Let me ask you something. Do you want to make a lot of money? In particular, money that is generated while you are busy doing other things, that does not depend on your particular and personal efforts to produce? To answer for you, in
all candor, if we are honest about it, we all do. There is something very appealing about an income stream that does not depend on active work, because we already do that. We know that work equals pay, in most cases, so pay that comes from other resources is highly appealing.

In this book, we will look at the means by which one can create rising income, through the creation of and access to desirable and potentially viral videos. By understanding the value and the power of quality content in digestible image duration, we create a passive income that will go on and on, and could become quite profitable.
We will go over the kinds of videos draw attention; how to position and develop a marketing campaign that will put eyeballs on your material, and the ways to make the information really compelling.

We will highlight eight different facets of this business that will provide key information that can open the purse strings, and generate increasing and stable income to you, if you follow them all and make the efforts necessary. In the end, you will have a solid lock on the critical tools that can create real value of video marketing, as well as a great vocabulary to begin your foray into this vibrant and exceptionally alluring environment.

So jump on it, have a good read. Bring along camera and some cats (you’ll see why shortly) and let’s build you compelling viral video library, shall we?

Step Number One: Release Your Focus On Quality.

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • Getting the best result doesn’t need costly investment.
  • For videos, the type and purpose define the quality’ of performance.


  • Quality video doesn’t mean costly equipment.

If you have spent any time at all watching those catchy, interesting, clever ‘viral videos’, you have seen a wide spectrum of quality, lighting, performance, audio clarity’, and other qualifying criteria. Some of the videos are grainy and confusing, others are studio-quality masterworks.
In all frankness, there is no particular level of appropriate quality’ that ends up as a minimum for the development of a positively catchy and appealing video clip.

  • Clear images don’t require expensive cameras or lighting.

For this reason, if you have a fairly modern cell phone with a camera, you are probably already set to shoot video. The appeal of both snapshots and short video, for personal, family, and community purposes have led the various producers into a product war of sorts, ensuring just about any camera out there would be sufficient for most tasks. As we proceed, certain situations will present themselves where this may not be the case, but we will deal with those as we find them in the coming chapters.

  • Sound, too, is usually more than adequate.

Many of the kinds of videos that ‘go viral’ either have little or no audio characteristics, but even those that do, because again the primary photo and audio device is a phone, the particular sound capture requirements are already adequate for general use. We will cover other particulars in later chapters on this account as well.

  • Keep it Concise

“Brevity is the soul of wit.” Most of us know almost instinctively that the best of the ‘viral videos’ out there are short and sweet. Some basic ideas about the very length of the video you might want to create do entail keeping it short. Here are some tips about how to do just that.

  • Cut to the Chase

When scripting the video, if it is operating as a script, cut out all the lead-in and trailing video, but the scenes you want to remain. Replace long explanatory video with a scrolling text explanation, and run that just before the particular scene. When the video is complete, cut in a scrolling text with your call to action and any explanation you think it needs, as well as concluding with a “Thanks for watching” message.

  • Subtitles go a long way.

Often, it is easier to just run a small scrolling text along the top or the bottom of the image, as a means of explaining things to the viewer as that seems to help the continuity flow. If necessary, include some humor or irony in the subtext, to cause them to watch the video more than once.

  • Realize the breadth of your options

At this point, be excited about the potential, and as you read the following sections, your alternatives and options will only improve even more than you may have considered. Remember, the field is really relatively new, and there are a lot of different choices about not only your video subject, but also your video theme, method, angle, etc. Get ready to have a lot of fun!

– Keep a Positive, Uplifting, Inspiring theme

Fundamentally, the aspect of videos that drives the almost manic viewing is the ways in which the images and the stories behind them are matters of positive attitude, good stories, and happy endings. Even the stories or images that have a dark or challenging theme tend to be bright, happy imagery.

-We all want to win.

By keeping the focus on the positive, you continue the very flow of positivity that brought the viewers to your video. Play that optimism and enthusiasm to its core, and keep the viewer engaged.

-One good video leads to another.

When the viewer enjoys one of your videos, it incites them to tiy another. And another. Keeping that momentum going leads to multiple views, increase engagement, and returning viewers. All lead to more page views, and that can, over time, lead to payoff through the variety of monetizing methods, which we will discuss later.

  • Light-Hearted and Easy to Identify with Experience

Think of your own video-watching. Are you more likely to watch one about a cute animal, or a how-to on flossing your teeth? Sure, we might try to suggest that we think about our dental condition more, but when push conies to shove, the cute sneezing panda or caterwauling panther cub is going to eat up that spare minute. So create your video with an eye to what the viewer desires, and you will be ahead of the game.

  • Eyeballs equal sales

There are two things to remember when creating your video content. The eyes of your target customer. Though we haven’t touched on it yet, it is imperative that the attention you draw is turned into a financial benefit. You don’t make a video for the sake of having video. You do so to drive the consumer to act, if it is nothing more than watching another video. Because attention is so precious, you never want to give it away without some action you want to be completed.

  • The viewer is a buyer

It may not feel like it, particularly if your message is a ‘soft target’ – getting the consumer,
the viewer to press the ‘like’ button, or to ‘share’ the video through social media. Still, whether they are writing the check for the end product, or opening their intellectual wallets by conveying your message on into their networks, the viewer is a customer, and we do well when we remember that.

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