Add Call To Action To Increase Audience Engagement

Include Your Call To Action in to your video

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • The key to the Action Phase of your video plan
  • The power of post-production
  • Taking Advantage of the ‘Bump’

Regardless of your strategy, whether planned video or an attempt at an attention- getter, you want your video to have a purpose -a call to action. Maybe you are introducing a product. You need folks to visit a website. You want an email sent to a Congressman.

All these different ideas are still calls to action. What we are talking about, then, is how to actually enact such a triggered effect from the viewers. In a project guide like this, there are far too many variables, so we can’t possibly cover them all. Nonetheless, here is a fairly comprehensive list of Call to Action possibilities, divided into categories for your consideration.

Self-driving Calls to Action

Lead Generation: Generally, the viewer agrees to offer you their email address, with the understanding you can contact them thereafter. I have sold best bipod for ar 15 by promoting viral video with buy now call to action in 2017.

Forms Submission: More specific than lead generation, the forms submission call to action usually leads to a contract allowing you the particular information you request of the viewer. Can be extensive, depending on the form.

Learn More: A click through grants the viewer additional information. Can lead to a product info page, service guidelines page, or other resource.

Testimonial – Gathering: Retrieving responses from those who have purchased the product, used the services…

Process Feedback: Requesting feedback from those going through the process, to build on former success in order to garner new success.

Catalog or Service Directory: More extensive and practical than just information, usually this links directly to sales functions of the site associated with the video link. A catalog of best police flashlight can be ideal for any one want to show off their catalog online.

Social Sharing: Considered basic, this generally has a multi-tiered option, from just identifying with the image, to sharing the image into a social media group, or even embedding the video and link into the consumer’s own communications network.

Customer Retention: With a sign-in feature, your current clients can benefit additionally by following this kind of link, that at once identifies them with the particular video, and rewards them ins some fashion for their effort and viewership

Event Promotion: This kind of CTA brings the viewer to information and perhaps an RSVP function, which can afford you good intelligence data on which videos bring them to the event and the like.

Sales Close: Everybody’s favorite, the final button that guides the consumer to pull the trigger, make the purchase, order the service, etc.

Post-Production: Where the Rubber Chicken Meets the Road

Now that you have a clear idea of what you want your viewer to do when he is finished watching your video, how can you make that easy for him.

The calls to action still need the viewer, the consumer, to take that action. Below is a brief list of the ways your video can elicit a response from the consumer, can get a response from the viewer immediately, converting a passive pair of eyes into an active consumer.

Social Media Links: These are standard links to the most commons Social sites; Twitter, Facebook, etc. and usually have a variety of levels of direct connection options. These are usually CTA targets for Lead Generation, Learn More, or Social Sharing purposes.

Internal Commentary: Generally self-promoting CTAs, hoping to drive more Video viewing, comments on the video itself. Can also be great for testimonials, feedback and the like.

Embedded Links: Stronger means of linking in loyal users and consumers, so they help promote, expand viewership, and garner even more support from others.

End Credits Links:

YouTube page: Most common for advertisers or vested interested in taking advantage of your growth, or for linking to drive more viewership. When you have enough drive, will have the opportunity for auto-starting the next of your videos.

Associated Website: Annotation – for YouTube association with your site Affords YouTube associates in good standing to put direct links and the like in the video frame itself. Good option if you are constantly driving more, and new traffic to your youtube page.

Get The Video Out There!

In this chapter, you will learn:

How to get the video promoted before it gets released, to build excitement.

Ways to expand your reach even after the video is out. You can see some good samples about viral outdoor video.

Build the Buzz Email

When you decide to start a video functionality, start first with a pre-video email message to your proposed clientele, so they can be aware, and to prime the pump for their support.

Social Media

Moving on through the production phase, keep constant contact with your clientele through social media, releasing strategically snapshots and imagery of the happenings, to start the buzz in social circles, and get people talking.

Tagging: Along the way, release news stories and more images, tagging the photos with your sponsors, supporters, and the cast, in order to continue to get your clientele excited about the upcoming video.

Tweeting: The short-burst nature of Twitter is perfect for the daily updates and notes on the dailies, as well as for off-camera hijinks to keep the audience primed for the actual launch. Also great for the ‘out takes and bloopers’ aspect.

Embedding: Particularly for your loyal clients and supporters and sponsors, getting them early release embed links will get them to help you drive viewership.

Day of Launch Blowup Protocols: Now that the video is complete, laid out, linked, and prepared, the following steps are critical to get the buzz going right.


Link and site data updated for easy access . Make sure your contact info, link buttons, CTA functions are all functioning. A blown link can botch the whole process. Be as perfect as possible, if you can. This is the moment of truth.

Pre-announcement announcement to loyal coreYou want every possible positive response you can garner, so do all you can to get th. e people who will support you to do so in your initial moment of glory.

Sneak-peek links TO THE inner circle: Those of your inner circle, those closest to you, will do the most to expand the reach, so be sure to give them what they need to help you achieve your goals.

Social Media

Launch announcement through all channels, all at once Nobody likes mail bombs, but if you are going to do it, do it only once, across all spectrum of resource types. That way, even if it is uncomfortable to someone, it won’t last long, o Update Instructins through a single channel

Once you have made the launch, choose one resource for all subsequent updates, to cut down on the spam, and to give everyone a place to go to chat about it, promote it, hear about it, etc. o Launch update Cycle in

The process of updating can even be automated, but be sure to meet your expected update times. Being late can be seen as unprofessional, or that you are holding data back. Be honest about your release times, numbers, etc.

Additional Information Release

Press Release to media outlets

Before the actual release, let all appropriate news resources have access to the same numbers, the same information, all in a tidy promotional package. In particular, create the data in a palatable form. Many press release formats are available online, so choose one that matches your company’s style, o Press release with cover letter to industry resources When your business is part of a larger industry, you can do well to alert all the various tiers and channels into which your business fits.

Press release to local News sources: “Local Business Makes Good”, the idea that your community will support your efforts because you are part of that community can certainly assist you in reaching people. Further, you may be able to generate local news stories and buzz by doing so, further expanding the success of your project.

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